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My life is going to change for a year, because I have started with a new chapter in my life and this chapter doesn’t take place in Estonia anymore, but in New Zealand. I have moved with my boyfriend to New Zealand for a year. The reason is simple, to get more thrilling experiences to our lives. I would be happy if I could still give some inspirations to you and share photos with you. I hope you enjoy these photos and if you’re asking if I’ll stop sharing recipes, then my answer is NO! I love food and making food, and I’ll try to be food oriented in New Zealand as well. I have also some great recipes written down in Estonia and I will definitely post them soon to you all.

It’s an interesting fact that from Estonia New Zealand is the farthest place where you can stand on earth.

My first photoblog is from the long flight from Estonia to Wellington, it lasted 36 hours and it was one of the straightest routes. Our route was Tallinn- Istanbul- Singapore- Canberra- Wellington. My biggest impression was Singapore airport and it was a great surprise. I never thought that I am making pictures in airport, but this airport changed my mind. They work hard to make your stay in airport nice, easy and comfy- so time flies in this airport even if you’re tired. This airport is huge and everywhere are little green parks where you feel like you’re outside in the nature. Great example is Butterfly Garden where you could see the real butterflies flying (if we entered then the butterflies were sleeping).

Singapore Changi Airport has been voted the World’s Best Airport for the fourth year in a row, according to an annual global survey of air travellers. This is the seventh time in 16 years that the airport has picked up the title at the World Airport Awards. The airport was also awarded Best Airport for Leisure Amenities. So this fact is definitely something!

See more details from the photos above and click in the image if you like to see bigger photos:

When the night turns into a day somewhere up the sky.
In Singapore airport you had to scan your passport and then the screen showed you where to go. This is something great in my opinion.
All the little green gardens in the airport were great! And these gardens were everywhere in this huge airport.
This huge but cozy hallway.
Singapore airport hallway.
Peacock made from real plants.
Nice and authentic food in Singapore airport.
My favourite food from the airport was from the place “Uncle Lai” 🙂
Butterfly Garden in airport, where you can interact with real butterflies.
Butterfly sleeping in Butterfly Garden.
Another green oasis in this huge Singapore airport.
After long trip Canberra airport in Australia offered a relaxing view.
Our destination from the high above over New Zealand!

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