The cheese in vegan cheesecake isn’t made from milk, but from the nuts- more exactly cashews. Vegan cakes are really nutritious and healthy. If to combine different nuts and dried fruits, it makes a healthy and delicious desert. All nuts contain a lot of healthy fats, fiber and minerals. You will get about 6 to 7 cheesecakes from this portion, but the good thing is that they preserve in fridge very well, so you can make these cakes full of energy in advance for the coming days. They are really easy to make and don’t need any baking, there are just some steps to do one day before.


  • Soak the cashews overnight in water.
  • Add the coconut milk into fridge one day before
  • Soak the dates 1 h before making the cake.

Ingredients (for 7 small cheesecake):

  • 50 g almonds
  • 150 g dried dates
  • 1 small handful of dried bananas
  • 1 small handful of raisins
  • 150 g cashews
  • 1 can (400 ml) coconut milk
  • 1 avocado
  • 4 teaspoons cocoa
  • 5 tablespoon agave syrup
  • berries for decoration


For the base; pulse 2/3 of soaked and drained dates, raisins, almonds and dried bananas all together in a food processor until a crumb forms. Cover the cake forms with it as a first layer of cake. Press it tightly.

For the cashew filling; blend soaked and drained cashews with 3 tablespoons of agave syrup, until creamy. Whip frozen coconut milk until it’s creamy and add 1/3 of cream into cashew cream (remaining coconut cream leave it for the decoration); Pour cream over first base.

For the third layer, blend together avocado, cocoa, 2 tablespoons agave syrup and 1/3 of soaked dates. Spread it over filling. Let the cakes be in fridge overnight.

Finally for decoration add some teaspoons agave syrup into whipped coconut cream and cover the cakes with it. Decorate with preferred berries. Enjoy!

Tip: use canned coconut milk and put them in the fridge upside down, then the coconut fat will solidify at bottom. Next day if you start using the cream, turn the can right side up and the coconut fat is on the top. You can make whipped coconut cream only from coconut fat, do not add the liquid water that is separated from fat to the mix. The spoon should stand still in frozen coconut fat, as in the picture:


Tip: cover the cake pan with parchment baking cups or with plastic wrap so it would be easier to take them out from the baking mold

Tip: these amounts of ingredients are also suitable for one bigger cake

IMG_4387 IMG_4396 IMG_4412

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